Treat yourself today!

Style salon provides complete hair & scalp treatment services for all hair types. Treat yourself today & stop by style salon for some much needed "you" time. Get beautified today & call us for an appointment or simply stop by - walk in appointments are welcomed!

30 minute treatment that cleanses & clarifies the scalp to revitalize your mind, body, & soul. All treatments receive a complimentary hand scrub w/ massage & a tea of your choice. Blow dry’s not included.


Treatment List

  • Awapuhi Wild Ginger
    Give your hair a vacation & treat your hair from the inside out. Our exclusive keritriplex blend penetrates, repairs, & seals damaged hair, while adding rich moisture & shine.
  • Energizing
    For thinning & fragile hair, this strong anti-oxidant action protects from external aggressions. Enriched w/ caffeine phytoceuticals to wake up your hair & help it grow.
  • Purifying 
    Our purifying treatment gets rid of that embarrassing dry or oily dandruff our scalp collects. Enriched w/ dandelion phytoceuticals, this treatment is anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory.
  • Rebalancing 
    Normalizes the sebum productions to rebalance & refresh dull, lifeless hair. Enriched w/ lemon phytoceuticals & strong anti-oxidant action.
  • Well-Being 
    This treatment is for all hair types. It hydrates & protects from external aggressions. When your dry hair just needs a little help.
  • T3 Experience
    Relax your mind body & soul w/ an invigorating tea tree retreat. Experience an oasis of cleansing & massage that will leave you wanting more.
  • Sugar Sugar 
    Give your‏ scalp a second chance w/ a sugary treat. Our brown sugar scrub will leave your scalp looking brand new & it feels great too!
  • Nourishing 
    For the dehydrated scalp & dry, brittle hair, this strong conditioning, anti-oxidant, & protective restructuring treatment will give your hair the nourishment it deserves.
  • Detoxifying 
    Put some tone back in your hair. For hair stressed by environmental factors, such as pollution. Regenerate & revitalize your scalp & hair.
  • Calming 
    For sensitive‏ & itchy scalp.Enriched w/ bluberryphytoceuticalsand anti-inflammatory action to sooth your scalp from everyday irritations.
  • Chocoholic
    This chocolate treatment will get your senses going! For all hair types, this treatment revives your hair & brings it back to life. Complete w/ a chocolate scented lotion hand massage for all you chocolate lovers.

Keratin Treatment

Tired of the constant frizz in your hair? Tame your hair w/ our expert & effective keratin treatments.

At style salon, our highly trained stylists understand the frustration that frizzy hair can bring, which is why we guarantee that our keratin treatment is proven to eliminate your frizz & enhance your natural shine.

Keratin treatments smooth coarse & curly hair that resist styling, as well as hair that tends to react to humidity or heat. It is especially helpful for hair that looks dry & unruly after styling & that resists holding a set. Keratin coating will give hair a shiny smooth finish that will make it amazingly easy to style.

We also offer a variety of oil & other treatments that will help rejuvenate your hair & scalp.

What will a keratin treatment do?

Keratin is found in skin, hair, nails, & teeth. Damaged keratin in hair may come off as dry & brittle. Keratin treatments protect & smooth hair shafts by coating the hair follicle. The cortex (second layer of hair) is changed after the bonds of keratin are applied. Keratin is used to change the structure of the hair on the inside of the shaft & then bonds & locks into place on the outside of the hair follicle.


Treatments can be used for any hair type. Damaged hair benefits the most from these treatments. Keratin is used to straighten & smooth ethnic hair. Normal hair becomes less frizzy & the treatments create a wonderful shine.

How often can you use them?

The treatment results usually last from eight weeks to four months but hair will eventually return to a normal state. Severely damaged or extremely frizzy hair should then be treated again. Do not treat the hair too often because the keratin can build up, creating hard & brittle hair.

Smooth it out & let it shine:

  • Simply Smooth
  • Coppola / Keratin Complex
  • Global Keratin / Juvexin
  • Nano Keratin
  • Marcia Teixeira
  • Saryna Key Professional / African Shea Oil
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Lasio
  • Coppora / Express
  • Bk Cosmetics / Softening Keratin Treatment
  • Ok – Original Keratin
  • Anevolve
  • Bio Naza / Chocohair, Keravino & Kerahair